Don’t panic when you look at your website’s Page Speed results…

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When developing a web site, using Page Speed (you know, the Firebug plugin) is quite important, as it can give you advice on how to speed up your website’s download time.

When you click the “Analyze Performance” button, it runs numerous tests and warns you about the major and minor issues that could slow down your website’s download.
When I checked the homepage of, it gave me the result of 86/100 and my blog got 84/100.

I was thinking “hmm, should I try to minimise the number of DNS lookups and specify element expiration?”, but then instead of answering the question without any research on the subject, I did a Page Speed test on a couple of mainstream and web designers’ websites. The results mean, that panicking isn’t necessary:

Twitter: 92
Twitter – logged in: 91
Google: 90
BBC: 87
Facebook: 85
Facebook – logged in: 84
Shaun Inman: 83
Ryanair: 82
Microsoft: 81
Jason Santa Maria: 79
Sarah Parmenter: 78
Elliot Jay Stocks: 76
Apple: 75
CNN: 74
T-Mobile UK: 74
Lloyds TSB: 72
EasyJet: 71
British Airways: 67
Scottish Hydro: 66

These numbers suggest that your website will do OK if its Page Speed result is above 70-75.

Conclusion: it’s probably a better idea to focus on graphic design and functionality first, and when everything’s nice and working fine, then you can look into speeding up your website.

Update: Google Webmaster Central Blog just posted a new article on site speed, it might be worth checking out.

Don't panic when you look at your website's Page Speed results..., 3.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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  1. Nick

    Never used this tool before (never came across it before either)…I really want to check my site in it but I’m in uni at the moment…I’ll do it once I get home.

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  3. attila

    You’ll probably get around… oh wait i’ll check…. your homepage is 81/100 and your blog is 78/100. Good enough.

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