Rails vs. PHP web frameworks survey

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You might have heard about my dissertation project: I am comparing Ruby on Rails with PHP web frameworks.

Reducing need of web design and development professionals has forced them to start using web development frameworks in case they want to survive in an ever-changing environment. There are many solutions to choose from and my project will make recommendations on the subject.

The first thing I wanted to do is to find out what web design and development students and professionals think about the subject, so I’ve created this online survey that only takes 5 minutes to complete.
The aim of this survey is to find out what web design students and professionals think about the Ruby on Rails web framework.
Does it offer any advantages over its PHP competitors? Is it unique in any way? Is it viable?

If you could spare a couple of minutes of your time, you’d help changing the world forever!!
Thanks in advance!

Results of the survey will be posted on this blog later on this month.


How to dismantle an atomic bomb and still not get hurt by radioactive people running around?

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“Huh?” – says the client.

“Indeed.” – says the web designer.  “A web site is like a nuclear plant. So many things can go wrong, but when it’s properly working, everyone’s happy with it.”